Customer Satisfaction with PERSOL Rates 81% over the Last Year

PERSOL Corporation is delighted to announce that its customers were 81% satisfied with company's products and services in 2017.

Looking at the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey, 78% of PERSOL's customers are satisfied with cellulosic products.

We are pleased to report that in nearly all areas our performance has improved, compared to the results of last year's survey. Increasing customers satisfaction score from 77% in 2016 to 81% in 2017, indicates that PERSOL is moving closer to responding customers' expectations.

To create a more detailed picture of how our customers feel about our products and services, we questioned them on metrics such as ease of communication, customers' reliability to PERSOL, company image. The results show that:

-         PERSOL customers are 86% satisfied with this company's available ways of communication.

-         PERSOL customers are 81% willing to introduce PERSOL to other people.

-         PERSOL customers are 70% satisfied with PERSOL's quality of services.

PERSOL launched "The Customer Satisfaction Survey" in 2015 with standard questionnaires developed by this company's R&D dept., in order to enhance its understanding of customers' preferences and needs.

We appreciate all our customers' feedback and work hard to meet their expectations.


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