Five Selected Startups to join PERSOL Startup Factory in Proof-of-Concept Phase

Five Selected Startups to join PERSOL Startup Factory in Proof-of-Concept Phase

In brief: After 2 days of breathtaking consecutive sessions, 5 high-potential startups selected to dive into the next round of PERSOL startup factory. 


We warmly welcomed 8 selected agriculture-related startups to PERSOL's innovation camp on Wed and Thu, August 1 and 2.

8 teams of highly potential startups joined us on the 2 days' workshop of innovation camp, in order to reevaluate their business models, based on Iran's agriculture sector. A jury consisting of the boards and senior managers of Persol Corporation, mentors and experts in the agriculture sector and managers of Karanobin and WhatAVenture assessed startups' capabilities and requirements of Persol Corporation to evaluate which models are mature enough to suit Iran's agriculture environment.

"Concerning the present condition of Iran's agriculture sector with its opportunities and threats, it is vital to search for innovative and emerging ideas in the world in order to tackle this hazardous situation," said Pedram Soltani, addressing on the first day of PERSOL's innovation camp.

"One of the key challenges for Iran's agriculture sector is being frozen in traditional practices which will not meet the demands of producers, buyers and customers of today." Said Parva Soltani, admitting that for all activists of agricultural value chain, it is critical to proactively use latest technologies and innovative practices in the field of farming automation, data analysis, organic farming, traceability and transparency of value chain, and so on.

The greatest part of PERSOL's innovation camp was that we were hosting startups from a wide variety of countries including Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy, Kenia, Vietnam, and we were fortunate enough to cover a whole range of issues including big data, supply chain management and logistics, indoor hydroponic farming, intelligent farming, and integrated supply chain.

After 2 days of breathtaking challenging with experts, visualizing business models based on Iran's agriculture requirements, mentorship and revisions, the jury chose finalist startups to pilot their ideas in Iran. The 5 winning startups have now the opportunity to join "proof-of-concept phase" and put their ideas into action.    

Thanks to all +100 startups that joined PERSOL startup factory three months ago, our operating environment is expected to change dramatically. The Startup Factory is a win-win approach for both PERSOL and selected startups, considering the fact that PERSOL will enjoy a movement towards innovation in the agriculture environment and startups will benefit from our team of experts responding to their needs and providing the required solutions.

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