German industrial giants in Tehran seek to boost ties

German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel and Eric Schweitzer the head of German Chamber of commerce in Tehran

21 July 21, 2015 ICCIMA Public relation reported: In the morning of important decision of the United Nations Security Council which approved a resolution that creates the basis for international economic sanctions against Iran to be lifted, a German high ranking delegation headed by Sigmar Gabriel who is also Chancellor Angela Merkel's deputy leader and energy minister and Eric Schweitzer the head of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry came to Tehran due to enlarge economic relations with Iranian private sector activists.

Linde, Siemens, Mercedes, BASF, Volkswagen Group, and GIZ were among the big German companies whose representatives accompany the delegation.

The visit became the first top Western delegation to the country since the 5+1 group of countries and Tehran reached a historic nuclear deal in Vienna on July 14.

In this visit Pedram Soltani the vice president of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industries and agriculture highlighted the role of Middle East in providing the 40 percent of world`s hydrocarbon energy and said: During the past 40 years this area has been affected by civil wars and invades but all these chaos were not successful and the situations never became better.

Iranian Private Sector seek to deal with German counterparts: Soltani

The vice president of Iran chamber of commerce noted the demand of Iranian companies to deal with German counterparts in various sectors of industries with bilateral works and investments and said: companionship of reliable automotive companies like Mercedes and Volkswagen shows their intend to work and also the potential of Iranian market in this fields.

Soltani added: benefiting the south to north railway and being in 300 million population regional markets made Iran beckoning to invest and programming for future developments in ground shipment industry.

Iran maritime transportation is safe and economical and also can play a major role in easing the routes to connect east and west: Soltani

The vice president of ICCIMA said: Iran chamber of commerce is ready to enhance links between Iranian and German firms and companies with cooperation of German chamber of commerce.

"Iran is one of the major non-European economic partners of Germany, but mutual cooperation between the two countries was reduced because of restrictions imposed after (anti-Iran) sanctions came into effect," Schweitzer said in the meeting, reiterating the significance of the new chapter in cooperation with Iran for Germany's economy.

The DIHK president further referred to Iran's massive gas and oil reserves, saying that the two countries will try to tap into the capacities for cooperation between Iranian and German firms.

"All German companies can find their way for cooperation with Iranians through Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce," he added.

Schweitzer also announced that the Hamburg-based Iran-Germany Commercial Bank can restart its operation once anti-Iran financial sanctions are removed. The DIHK is the central organization for 80 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Germany. All German companies registered in Germany, with the exception of handicraft businesses, the free professions and farms, are required by law to join a chamber.

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