How to rescue the mining sector in Iran


How to rescue the mining sector in Iran

Parva Soltani CEO of PERSOL group in her recent article of 31 of October published in World of Economy newspaper, emphasized the potentials of Iran’s mining sector and the ways to utilize them in order to improve Iran’s economy.

The latest IMF (International Monetary Fund) report shows Iran’s economic growth rate will be -9.5% this year, which means our economy will shrink 9.5% and mining sector is not an exception. First of all, it is worth mentioning that:

  • Iran has 68 elements out of 118 elements in the periodic table
  • Iran ranks 15th in the world in terms of value of minerals
  • Iran has 37 billion ton of discovered reserves and 57 billion ton of potential reserves.

But it is due to the fact that mineral products include less than 1 percent of Iran’s GDP.

Also, it is clear that one of the major challenges to be addressed in mining is to understand the importance of sustainability of this sector’s contribution in economic development, not the extent of sustainable mining.

She claimed that during past year with regards of all the economic and political boycotts which led to heavy pressure to the economic body of the country, mining sector was among a few sectors which not only tried to resist, but also helped the whole economy to remain stable as well.

She concluded with bellow solutions in mining sector:

  • Facilitating the transference of mines to the well-known private sector based on the concessions of “Engineering Organization”.
  • Preventing personal implementations in “Industry, Mine and Trade Organizations” in different provinces.
  • Preventing rule changing based on personal choices, overnight.
  • In case of deciding to change the rules, a proper interval must be considered.
For full Persian article you can visit PERSOL’s Persian website:

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