Introducing PERSOL’s freshly picked Eggplant

At PERSOL we are grounded by our focus on providing goods with high quality standards. We have professional commercial approach and also provide the optimum ratio of price and quality for our valued customers. PERSOL’s qualified personnel can provide the needs of our international customers.

Eggplants are among agricultural products that PERSOL is honored to introduce to the worldwide market.

A serving of eggplant can provide at least 5% of a person's daily requirement of fiber, copper, manganese, B-6, and thiamine. Also antioxidants in eggplants all support heart health and the polyphenols may help protect the body from cancer.

PERSOL Corporation exports fresh and pure Iranian eggplants sourced from local greenhouses located in Isfahan, Kerman, and Tehran Provinces. Our experts in Food department ensure that the eggplants are firm enough and will arrive at destination with excellent quality.

The leading markets for the company’s eggplants are Russia and CIS member states.






150-400 gr

Boxes with a net weight of 7 kg

Tehran, Kerman and Isfahan Provinces

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