Parva Soltani Ranked the First among Iranian Women CEOs

Parva Soltani ranked the first among Iranian women CEOs, according to a survey by Iranian chamber of commerce.


Persol Company tops iccima's list of Iranian firms in Iran headed by female CEOs & entrepreneurs, based on metrics in four major areas including qualification, financial performance, trading with foreign countries and corporate social responsibility.

According to a report released by Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture, 30 top Iranian businesswomen have been evaluated on the basis of indexes like leadership systems, leaders' credentials, competitiveness, productivity, social initiatives and so forth. 

"Giti Seifollahi" the CEO of Kayson company, follows Parva Soltani in the list and retains the No.2 spot. "Maryam HajiAli" Chairman of 115 Construction Co. ranked third among 30 business women who did a great job against rules of a male-dominated economic scene.

From those women CEOs that have been evaluated by Ranking Center for iccima, 40 percent have bachelor degree, another 30 percent have attained a Master degree, while 10 percent have earned a doctoral degree; which shows the overall level of knowledge about modern management models and international business requirements among Iranian business women.


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