Pedram Soltani: More investment to develop railway infrastructure

Pedram Soltani the vice president of Iran chamber of Commerce in a meeting with Miguel Ángel Moratinos the former minister of foreign affairs of Spain stated the bilateral works beside investment and development of infrastructures.

ICCIMA public relation reported; in a day of closing Iranian nuclear dossier in IAEA the former foreign minister of Spain came to Iran chamber of commerce and underlined his country's eagerness to enhance economic relation between two countries.

In this meeting Miguel Ángel Moratinos stated the aim of his mission to renew the old economic ties and creating new connections with Iranian private sector.

Moratinos mentioned the various potentials and grounds for investment and bilateral works in region and said: the enhancement of economic relations will affect the strengthening of political ties.

Spain as a fourteenth largest economy of the world has benefit the high ranking enterprises, which in different fields such as agro industry, food processing, energy, and water managements and they are looking to enlarge their ties with Iranian private sector to develop infrastructure :The minister said.

He named Spain as the second destination of world tourism country and added: in hotel and resort construction alongside giving services to the clients, Spanish companies are ready to invest and transfer their experiences.

For his part Pedram Soltani the vice president of Iran chamber of commerce, mines, agriculture and industries said: beside the mentioned fields there are more potentials which should be explore by two sides and I believe by attending in exhibitions and fairs, enterprises of two countries will know each other better than before.

Soltani noticed the worries about the future of water in Iran and also the region and said: global warming and concerns about the water management can be ground to work with Iranian companies in this field by executing the projects not only in waste-water management and construction of green houses but also developments of green energy use in our country.

Iran must be considered as a hub in region to access the markets and also connecting the east to west, Soltani stated and added: despite many potentials and works between two countries, the trade volume is not as good as we expect. In future the trade relations and selling products should be change into economical relations and built up production lines.

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