PERSOL C.E.O: I feel very privileged to be part of International startups ecosystem

PERSOL C.E.O: I feel very privileged to be part of International startups ecosystem


 Persol Startup

Parva Soltani: Having more than 20 years of experience in different fields, I feel very privileged to take another step forward and be a part of International startups ecosystem. 

On 31st May, we had the opportunity to take part in a friendly meeting with 23 out of100 selected startups in mining and agriculture industry, who registered in the PERSOL #startup-factory from 5 continents. It was a whole day program, skyping with the teams and finding more information and details on their innovative models.

We truly understand that changing our attitude towards the business is crucial for staying competitive in today's world. Since we gave a high priority to mining and agriculture as two untouched fields, we came along with the idea of running a #startup-factory.

To me, it was not merely getting familiar with the new ideas in startups ecosystem and learning from them, but it was comparing the level of startups' maturity with the development rates of their countries.

We will run our innovation camp at the end of July, where every team has enough time to present its strategy and roadmap in order to fix any ambiguity. It is also important to note that the coming event will grant the startups from a wide range of countries a great opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas. Thanks to Karanobin for their thigh cooperation and arrangement.

After all, as the concept of Global Village is increasingly getting highlighted and tangible all over the world, I feel confident to build up a new form of corporate-startup collaboration and enjoy the benefits of Global Village by exchanging our abilities and knowledge, moreover, developing friendship and peace as much as possible.

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