PERSOL Corporation expands its share of Russia fruit & vegetable market

PERSOL Corporation expands its share of Russia fruit & vegetable market

Wednesday, January 17, 2018



PERSOL Corporation enhanced the capacity of its Fruits and vegetables Division and entered Russia Market vigorously.

As a vertically integrated player in the scene of Fruits and Vegetables, PERSOL has now the ability to supply high-quality Kiwi, Iceberg, Eggplant, Cucumber, etc. to Russia. After a renewal of Iran Russia commercial ties, PERSOL Corporation leveraged domestic partners, in order to provide a greater supply as well as offering a wider range of fruits and vegetables.

PERSOL's team of agro-food experts believes that commitment to good quality services is as essential as optimum quality products. As PERSOL cares about its Russian partners' reliability to Iranian products and aims for being distinguished among other fruit and vegetable suppliers in the region.

To become an internationally valued partner, the Corporation started to build modern greenhouses in the potential regions of the country, putting the stress on eco-friendly practices in agriculture. Also trying to help and leverage the products of Iranian domestic suppliers, PERSOL is delighted to introduce the authentic Iranian Fruit and Vegetable quality to the world market. 

Following a successful season, PERSOL is now confident to export Tomato, Bell Pepper, and Dates to Russia and reinforce its commercial position in this country's fruit market.

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