PERSOL Ranked 332 among Top 500 Iranian Companies

PERSOL ranked 332 among top 500 Iranian companies


In brief: PERSOL Corporation rose to the top of Iranian Companies Ranking, according to a recent report by IMI-100.


According to a report published lately by IMI, PERSOL Company has ranked 332 among top 500 Iranian companies in 2018. 

The IMI-100 ranking is performed based on a rigorous analysis of Iran’s 500 largest companies' sales volume and financial statements in 2017.

The performance of companies featured on the list has also been evaluated based on the ratio of export; Based on this section on IMI-100, PERSOL ranked among top 10 export-oriented corporations in the country.

Our company has also ranked 20th overall of trading companies on the list.

Top 500 Iranian companies have been evaluated based on 6 major categories of indicators including:

  • Business Size and Growth Indicators
  • Profitability and Return Indicators
  • Productivity Indicators
  • Export Indicators
  • Cash Indicators
  • Liability and Debt Indicators
  • Market Indicators

Industrial Management Institute (IMI) has published the list of top 500 Iranian Companies (IMI-100) for the 21st consecutive year, aiming for making the business environment more transparent.

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