PERSOL Startup Factory welcomes 23 startups in Remote Pitches

PERSOL Startup Factory welcomes 23 startups in Remote Pitches


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Thanks to all startups presented their pitches before PERSOL's experts and top managers, we have now a comprehensive understanding of startups' roadmaps for innovating mining and agriculture sector.

The Remote Pitches held on Thursday 31 May, was designed to share more details about startups' capabilities and requirements of Persol Corporation. In this six-hour get-together, 23 selected startups from more than 10 countries including Iran, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Kenia took part in short interview sessions and introduced their capabilities, products, achievements and so on.

"We want to stimulate innovation in the field of mining and agriculture, empowering these 2 fields with new ideas and new business opportunities locally and internationally,” said Parva Soltani, PERSOL's Chief Executive Officer. "PERSOL is willing to transform the traditional way of business in mining & agriculture in the near future."

These startups are now ready to make their way to Innovation Camp, a 3-day workshop where startups will meet Persol experts and top managers to match their capabilities with PERSOL's requirements, and obtain a common understanding of the next steps.

PERSOL has started its contribution to startups ecosystem by inviting more than 100 mining and agriculture-based startups and is ready to cooperate with the winners in various forms including reselling and revenue sharing, equity investment and establishing new joint-ventures.


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