Role of Joint Chambers Underlined

In a meeting with the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Mohsen Jalalpour, the board of directors of the chambers of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium underlined the significant role of their chambers as the executive arms of ICCIMA in the new economic climate after the prospective relief of sanctions (imposed by the US, EU and the UN Security Council over Iran's nuclear energy program).

"If the private sector fails to take advantage of the current golden opportunity, the government will take over to increase the size of its affiliated companies," the ICCIMA chief said adding that "associations, joint chambers and provincial chambers should join up like the three sides of a triangle in order to help the private sector thrive.

" Jalalpour urged the ICCIMA, joint chambers and provincial chambers to assume greater responsibility and be the voice of the private sector since "Iran's civil society and private sector are eager to see a competitive, healthy business environment.

" Deputy head of ICCIMA Pedram Soltani, who was also present at the meeting, said: "In the past, coordination between ICCMA and the joint chambers did not live up to expectations and it needs to improve. To prevent overlap of duties, it is important to know the chambers' responsibilities.

" A mechanism needs to be defined in order to ensure the performance of the chambers and keep them in the know about what goes on in the rest of joint chambers, he added.

Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Masoud Khansari, for his part, said his chamber is about to launch a website which provides potential foreign investors information on business and related opportunities in Iran. SOURCE: FINANCIAL TRIBUNE

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