Agricultural products

We began our agricultural product export business in 2015 with an emphasis on environmentally friendly farming practices. Improving the value-added supply chain in manufacturing and exporting high quality agricultural products is one of our most important goals at PERSOL in launching our food sector.

Chemicals and Petroleum Products

Over the past 20 years, as the nation's leading exporter, and in partnership with recognized and reputed suppliers, we have been able to export a wide range of petroleum and chemical derivatives with various quality and packaging requirements, to places around the world.


The rapid growth of PERSOL's mining activities gave birth to PERSOR Corporation in 2015. PERSOR develops Iran's rich and valuable mineral reserves by using domestic specialists and advice from foreign experts to update and expand mining operations, and the export of mineral products.

Social Responsibility

With any company’s success, responsibility arises towards its surroundings, especially the society in which it operates. PERSOL as an economy corporation committed itself to responsibility for society people, customers, employees, and most importantly: the environment. In addition, PERSOL recognizes ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance on social responsibility.