In 2004, with establishing Shanghai office, business of Iron ore was switched on. Now after More than 10 years in this business PERSOL is a well-known company for Steel Producers and Iron ore Traders in the region.

Currently PERSOL supplies 80,000 MT iron ore per month from its own mining fields and is in a position to supply almost the same quantity from other plants. PERSOL has the following activities in the following activities in the mining field:

  • „  Procuring Machineries
  • „  Extraction
  • „  Quality control of ores through its own labs
  • „  Production of fine iron ore and concentrate

Regarding owr rapid growth in national mining sector, Persore Company -PERSOL’s subsidiary mining company- was established in 2015 to acquire more expertise in mining sector. Due to Iranian mines’ great potentials, Persore mainly aimed at improving the scale of mining activities on the strength of Iranian specialists’ knowledge and foreign experts’ advisory as well as implementing state of the art mining methods.

Persore areas of activity consist of:

  • Planning minerals prospecting and feasible exploration of underground resources, revealing Iran’s mining potentials to the world
  • Extracting minerals using latest scientific approaches and cutting edge technologies
  • Implementing processing studies and construction of new mechanized facilities for processing

Persore is currently involved in exploration and production of metallic minerals including iron ore, copper, dolomite, chromium, and strontium.