PERSOL supplies slack wax in a wide range of colors (yellow to brown) and viscosity levels (heavy or light). This commodity verifies from light to heavy grades based on its melting point, namely 50-52 C in light grades and 53-55 C is heavy grades. Slack wax is used mainly for producing paraffin wax and other wax derivatives like petroleum Jelly, foots Oil and so on.

Being present in more than 10 countries, PERSOL is one of the exclusive traders of slack wax in Iran and is pleased to provide it to a wide range of countries across the world.

Persol is also recognized internationally for its focus on guarantying the quality of low and High Oil content slack wax with arrangement of an international inspector to check the quality and quantity of the product during the loading.

  • Applications
  • Paraffin manufacturing,
  • Fuel industries
  • Emulsions,
  • Construction board,
  • Candles,
  • Rust protective products and moisture vapor barrier,
  • Polishes,
  • Inks,
  • Carbon paper and externally can be applied as good dust suppressants or controlled-release agents for various chemical and fertilizers.

Light SW Method Value
Kin vis at 100 °C ATSM D445 6-3
Oil content %wt ATSM D721 8-3
Melting point , °C ATSM D87 55-60
Color ATSM D1500 0.5-3



Heavy SW Method Value
Kin vis at  100  °C ATSM D445 6-7.5
Oil content %wt ATSM D721 7-11
Melting point ,  °C ATSM D87 56 - 65
Color ATSM D1500 1.5


  • Custom blend capability to match oil content and melt points
  • Unique capability to utilize and blend every soft and hard grade to produce optimum characteristics
  • Straight chain paraffin for better waterproofing characteristics

Kind of Packing Net Weight   Net  Weight of Empty Gross Weight No. of Drum in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft Gross Weight in 20ft
Tolerance :  +/-5%
Drum 175KG        17-18 KG 193 KG      80 14   MT 15.440 MT
Flexi Tank 19 MT        100 KG 19.100 MT 1 22.000 MT 22.100    MT


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About Us

PERSOL Corporation professionally  supplies and exports Petroleum Derivative Products and Petrochemicals from Iran to different destinations and is an icon among the other active groups in this sector.

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