With any company’s success, responsibility arises towards its surroundings, especially the society in which it operates. PERSOL as an economy corporation committed itself to responsibility for society people, customers, employees, and most importantly: the environment. In addition, PERSOL recognizes ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance on social responsibility. 

PERSOL Corporation has a sustainable & comprehensive outlook towards a Responsible & Ethical mindset in Trade and Business. Based and focused on such a framework, PERSOL Corporation has started its Social Responsibility Project called “Knowledge Sharing” and intends to develop this idea in different aspects of Life and Society.

Making positive changes in the society cannot be achieved by underestimating the crucial role of people. Development is a consistent process based on human capital and is not achievable without focusing on individuals' improvement. Education, and children education in particular, is the starting point of development and the keystone as well. Children are the one to shape and nourish various part of the society including economy, culture, art, technology and so on. Consequently, they are children that must be educated as the essential resource of development.

Iran's private sector attempts to play a constructive and active role in education system have led to "Iran-e-Man" campaign which means "My Iran" in Persian language. Iran-e-Man in association with other educational programs aims for constructing one hundred of schools across the country and help the improvement of an up-to-date and pervasive education system.

We believe that educational development comes before economic development and we are very pleased to support "Iran-e-Man" campaign which is responsible for school construction in cross-country less-privileged villages.

Over the last three years, we have done extensive work on the state of education in less-privileged villages and as a result 30 schools have been constructed throughout the country.

Our recent Corporate Social Responsibility projects were:

  • Participation in school constructions in Rural and/or Less Privileged Areas
  • Modernization of a Number of schools in Bafgh-Iran with IT Technology
  • Environmental workshops for Children in Baugh-Yazd-Iran
  • Donating 1000 books to mobile-library in Bafgh-Iran as a cultural gift

By supporting the construction of primary schools in less-privileged regions with the help of private sector, along with other educational programs, Persol would be able to benefit the society development.



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Food Trade

Food Trade



Currently PERSOL supplies 80,000 MT iron ore per month from its own mining fields and is in a position to supply almost the same quantity from other plants.




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PERSOL Corporation professionally  supplies and exports Petroleum Derivative Products and Petrochemicals from Iran to different destinations and is an icon among the other active groups in this sector.

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